Every month, the Cardamom Growth Academy hosts a guest speaker, who talks about their area of expertise, which touches upon one of the many aspects of life for a Christian leader of social action. Here are some of our recent speakers talking briefly about their work, illustrating the range of subjects that they cover.

Jonathan Bowring
Think About Thinking
Charles McLachlan
Innovative Time Management
Shirley Hawkins
Jonathan Bowring
Leadership Styles
Grant Phypers
Character in Business
Ken Thompson
Business Simulation
Ges Ray
Charles McLachlan
Appreciative Enquiry
Peter Jenner
Succession Planning.
Julian Hildersley
Justin Douglas
Conference Calls.
Hans Christian Iversen
Strengths Finder.
Alisdair Inglis
Creating a Landing Page.
Mark Fritz
The Power of Ownership.
Charles McLachlan
Adelina Chalmers
How to Speak to the Board.
Claire Croft
Conversational Success.
Ian Moore
Decision Making.
Viren Lall
Change Management.